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Full stack web development.  Specialization in .Net MVC, and PHP MVC Frameworks and IT Architecture

Over 15 years of experience with IT, programing, and web development. Masters of Computer Science. U.S. Citizen

Avaliable for short term full time contracts or long term part time contracts.

 Web Development

From small websites to enterprise web development. Lee Stafford Consulting has developed site for people with one employee to ones with thousands. Specializing in .NET MVC site and PHP sites, we can create brand new web applications that can meet new buisness needs or maintain and update existing projects.

 Full Stack Development

Database to code to design and everyting inbetween. We have experience designing and maintaining database schemas, writting programs for complex calculations in code and designing user freindly interfaces for customers and stakeholders.

  Cloud & Internal Infrastructure

We have experience in multiple cloud platforms including AWS and Azure. We can help setup cloud or internally hosted networks and servers that meet modern security and avaliablity requirements.

 IT Consulting

Lee Stafford Consulting has experience with multiple facets of IT strategy and development, from infrastructure, and development to strategy, security and overall policies. We can assist with helping your day to day operations or provide strategic guidance for large IT projects.